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Our values

Customer orientation

We like to go the extra mile: The needs of our customers remain our focal point — that’s why we’re always ready to help our customers and bring passion and enthusiasm to making a positive contribution to the work they do each day.

People company

People are the center of our attention: We actively strive to give people at Infoniqa the tools they need to excel and grow. Our fair and respectful work environment makes us a particularly attractive employer. At Infoniqa, everyone can and should take personal responsibility.


We live responsible entrepreneurship: When you choose Infoniqa as your employer or business partner, you can count on having a long-term, respectful relationship with an economically stable company that’s fit for the future.


We consider change an opportunity: Every aspect of Infoniqa — including our technologies, our services and all our structures — are for us to improve and elevate to the next level.

Team spirit

Our team comprises more than the sum of its parts: Both within and outside our company, we truly live the idea that a handshake is all it takes to seal a commitment. We actively promote camaraderie across teams (ONE Infoniqa). Together, we keep our eyes on one goal: Making Infoniqa even better.

Diversity wins

We live ONE Infoniqa a little bit more every day, in every way. We don’t want to lose momentum — whether because of national borders or because of physical location or because “it’s always been this way.” We have big plans and whatever you bring with you: We welcome you as a person. We’re already excited to see how your vision will enrich Infoniqa!