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Application process: FAQs

Who should receive my cover letter and who serves as my point of contact when I have questions?

Every job posting includes a point of contact who can immediately help answer all your questions.

What’s the best way to apply for a job at Infoniqa?

Please only apply online through our job portal or by email.

Can I submit an unsolicited application to Infoniqa?

Sure! If you don’t find a suitable position in our job listings, you can still send us your application materials by clicking on “Unsolicited application.” Please include the tasks, location and salary you prefer so we can find a suitable job for you.

How does the application process work?

It varies a little depending on the position. But generally speaking, the HR team is the first to review your application materials submitted through our online form. If we see potential for working together, we’ll contact you for an initial phone call to clarify key information. You may then receive an invitation to one of our branches so we can meet you in person. The focus will be on your skills and who you are as a person (no assessment center or similar). If we’re both happy, the final contract will be negotiated and, after signing, you’re ready to go!

How is the job interview organized?

You usually have the interview itself with one person from the HR team and one or two of our colleagues who would typically be your future supervisor and someone from the same department. We want to get to know you in a relaxed atmosphere and give you the opportunity to tell us about yourself, explain your motivation for the job and get clarification on any questions you might have.

How long will keep my application materials on file?

We’ll store your data in our system for six months following the application process. This is subject to your consent to the privacy policy.

Can I also complete an apprenticeship or internship at Infoniqa?

Sure! If you don’t see a suitable internship or apprenticeship position in our job listings, you can send us your application materials by clicking on “Unsolicited application.” Please include the tasks and location you prefer so we can find a suitable position for you.

What materials should I include with my application?

Send us your résumé and credentials

Can I apply for multiple positions and locations?

Sure! It’s also enough for us when you indicate in the comments that you’re also interested in other positions and locations.

None of the locations are possible for me. Can I still apply?

Absolutely! For many of our jobs, your physical presence at the respective location is not absolutely necessary. Depending on the job, you may, for example, sometimes be on-site with the customer or able to perform many of your tasks from home. We already look forward to receiving your application!

How do I make sure my application has arrived?

You will promptly receive confirmation of arrival by email. Please also check your spam folder if necessary. Should you not receive confirmation, please contact us directly (by phone or email).

Can I reapply to Infoniqa at a later date after a rejection?

Absolutely! Often it’s only nuances that end up tipping the scales toward a rejection. We’d be pleased if you kept an eye on our career page and reapplied.

Can I start at an earlier/later date or work part-time?

This isn’t possible for every position, but do let us know your preferences. We’ll look into the possibilities and do our best to find a solution that suits both of us.